Pastor’s Welcome

Andy web


I am glad you made your way to our website. I hope and trust that we can provide all the necessary information you need to become acquainted with our church. Our desire is that the Lord would encourage you to become part of our fellowship. Allow me to introduce our church to you by quickly explaining who we are:

We Pursue the Truth

We unashamedly affirm a high view of Scripture. We believe in the authority of God’s Word over our lives. Therefore, the teaching of God’s Word (the Word of truth) is central to all we say and do as a church family.

We Proclaim the Good News

Jesus Christ is the very life of our church. He is both the Savior of and the Lord over the church. The church is His bride. Therefore, we promote and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We desire others to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We Praise God

All of our services and ministries seek to bring praise and glory to God. This is why we exist as a church- to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I sincerely hope this short description of our church family has helped your understanding of who we are. It would be my privilege for you to join us in one of our many weekly worship services. Also, feel free to navigate through the rest of our website for more details on our various ministries.

Love in Truth,

Andrew Smith

Senior Pastor