We are delighted that God directed you to our church website. It is my privilege, as the pastor-teacher of FBCGG, to help you get better acquainted with our fellowship. The website will direct you to the details of our various ministries. But allow me to briefly break down our name- First Baptist Church of Gray Gables- so that you better understand who we are.

Our Historical Identity. The title “First Baptist” identifies where we fit within church history. We were established as a Baptist church in 1957. Since that time we have proudly taught and lived according to historic Baptist principles.

Our Geographical Identity. “Gray Gables” identifies where we are geographically. We are located just north of Jacksonville in Callahan, FL in an area referred to as “Gray Gables”. However, our church members come from all over including Jacksonville, Yulee, Hilliard, and Callahan.

Our Biblical Identity.  The word “Church” stands above the other titles in absolute uniqueness. While “First Baptist” and “Gray Gables” were our choice in defining who we are, “Church” was God’s choice. The assembly of people sovereignly called by God into Gospel fellowship are referred to as the “church” in the Bible. As such, we believe our church was founded by God and continues to be sovereignly directed by God. Therefore, we believe that our purposes as a church must be defined by God.

First Baptist Church of Gray Gables is our name, however we are much more than a name. We are a close knit congregation redeemed by Christ, who support one another in loving fellowship, who take the Bible seriously, and who hold to historic Baptist principles. As the church, we have been called out from the world to unite with one another around the Gospel.

Is this the type of church of which you would like to be a part? Our prayer is that you would join us for worship to see if this is a place you would like to call your church home!