The Gospel

The word “gospel” simply means “good news”. If you understand and believe it, the gospel is the best news that you will ever hear! It is this good news that gives you the ability to find, to know, and to love God for what He has done for those who believe in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you truly a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ? This is the most important question anybody can ask you. Have you considered the following questions?

  • Who made you and holds you accountable?
  • Why does evil and sin exist in the world?
  • What solution has God provided for the evil and sin of mankind?
  • How can I know more about God’s salvation plan?

Go here  to have these and more questions answered. We also recommend that you read a book entitiled What is the Gospel? This book is sold on our book table. To order, sign up for a copy at our book table or call the church office.