Essential Distinctives

The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and therefore the final authority for our lives as believers. As a result, we also believe it to be sufficient in all areas of spiritual growth. The sufficiency of God’s Word can be seen in two specific areas of our church life. First, our emphasis on expository preaching reveals our trust in God’s Word to speak to us as we need it and when we need it. Second, we believe that Biblical counseling should give additional attention to specific areas of personal holiness.

The Sovereignty of God.  We believe that God is truly God. In other words, He is both Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He rules and reigns providentially over our lives. He directs not only the historical events of the world but also the personal events of individuals.

The Centrality of Expository Preaching. God has specifically ordained preaching as the primary means by which God’s people grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as through personal holiness.

The Necessity of Discipleship. We believe that the very purpose of the church is to make disciples. This will evidence itself in two primary ways. First, we are tasked with the responsibility to evangelize. Evangelism is local, national, and international in nature. Second, we are to equip the saints for the work of service. Discipleship is not accomplished in a series of classes, but takes a lifetime. The success of Biblical discipleship is not gauged by how many people are in a church, but by the faithful ministry of God’s Word and Gospel to those not only in our church, but also in the world.

The Quality of Biblical Leadership. We take seriously the qualifications and responsibilities listed for elders and deacons in I Timothy 3. The quality of Biblical leadership is essential in order for a church body to be healthy.